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Logon Australia provide Arrow Tencia accounting software training delivered by our own experienced and accredited trainers.  Every training program is tailored specifically to your needs.  We thoroughly assess what you, your staff and your business require and ensure that your training helps you to achieve your business goals.  We want your training experience to be a pleasure, and we go out of our way to make sure we LISTEN to your anxieties.  We don’t leave until we’re sure your whole team is comfortable with their new accounting software and in control.


Logon Australia is fully accredited to support all aspects of the Arrow Tencia accounting modules. Depending on what is most appropriate to meet your needs, our support is provided in person, and also via phone, fax, email or SMS.  Where possible we organise (with your permission) to log on to your site via the web and solve your problem, quickly, easily and with minimum disruption to your business. Our speciality is support for your accounting software in Australia.




Custom Software Development

Logon Australia accounting software specialists have the expertise to develop customized software components for your business accounting system through custom reports, data import and export, and custom data entry or processing. Logon can modify existing Tencia reports or create new Crystal reports to enhance your capacity for financial analysis and business decision-making based on data from your accounting software, provide bespoke export and import solutions to allow seamless Data Integration with external systems, and create business-specific custom user interface elements for data entry, inquiry or processing in the Arrow Tencia system.

Arrow Tencia Accounting Sofware allows custom reporting for Australian accounting solutions

Custom Tencia or Crystal Reports

Logon Australia has written a raft of financial and management reports to provide a range of businesses quick access to key operational data and support decisions about business performance, sales, stock lines,  creditor or debtor management and more.

Logon can draw on this experience working in Crystal Reports and other tools to put together sophisticated Business Intelligence solutions that give you new views on your data, with flexible reporting that supports your critical business decisions.

Business accounting systems like Arrow Tencia provide a rich source of raw data that can be mined to enhance business decision-making and provide your operations with a competitive advantage. Arrow Tencia is delivered with a full complement of standard business reports and documents like invoices, statements, remittances and price lists.

Logon can deliver custom versions of any of the standard Tencia reports to meet your  particular requirements for business reporting or specific document layout needs.

Arrow Tencia Accounting Sofware allows data integration for Australian accounting solutions

Custom Data Import and Export


Logon Australia has experience scoping data integration requirements, developing functional specifications and implementing data import and export solutions based on our work over many years in partnership with a diverses range of clients.

Logon offers services to define your Data Integration requirements, review the relevant business processes, develop your data import and data export modules, and plan the implementation of your Data Integration solution, including staged testing of the Tencia Accounting software solution with third-party developers as needed.

Many of our customers have requirements for high volume data import and export, and the Tencia Connect module allows for not only user-driven upload and download processes (see the Arrow Tencia  screenshot to the left) but also allows the definition of automated service processes that can be run overnight or at other scheduled times. Hence, a range of Data Integration needs from moderate to high volume can be met.

Arrow Tencia Accounting Sofware allows custom Australia accounting solutions

Custom Data Entry, Inquiry or Processing


Arrow Tencia is designed for small to medium sized businesses with a rich set of business and financial management features, and provides a flexible software architecture which allows for customisable data entry, inquiry or processing.

Logon Australia can offer the requisite custom software development expertise and business process understanding to work with customers and analyse where custom user interface components - such as data entry or inquiry windows - or custom business processes that run within Arrow Tencia can best meet your business needs.

Once these custom software components (or Tencia Add-Ins) have been developed and tested, they are installed to all Tencia Accounting software client systems via the Tencia Management Console (the screenshot shows publication of an Add-In)  so that all business users have access to this customised functionality as part of their Arrow Tencia Accounting software installation.


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