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Advanced Hair Studio say ' yeah, yeah' to Arrow Tencia Accounting Software

"Tencia has allowed us to leverage our database resources and access the information we need in real time."

Tencia accounting software gets a ‘yeah yeah’ from Advanced Hair

With a global customer base in excess of 400,000 clients across 70 studios around the world, it’s no surprise that Advanced Hair studio’s ever expanding operations required a robust financial management system to deal with the complexities of their growing business.  With this increased sophistication, came the need for an Accounting solution that better suited their complex structure and ambitious growth.

The team at Advanced Hair decided to implement Tencia.  They were keen to use an accounting system that could deal with their sophistication and complexity, one that could cope with intercompany reporting, foreign currencies and their requirements for advanced inventory management.  Advanced Hair’s 12 year business relationship with Logon Australia , an Arrow Business Partner, made them the ideal choice as a trusted implementation partner.  Logon had a clear understanding of the business and an extensive knowledge of what needed to be automated and how Advanced Hair’s specific business needs could be aligned with the technology.

“We worked with Advanced Hair to identify the key needs of the business and to ensure that we could offer a solution that delivered what they were looking for, we understood that they wanted a solution that delivered noticeable time savings and needed stronger reporting functionality.”  Said Mr Larry Blode of Logon.

A significant amount of preliminary work was done to ensure that the migration from Arrow Financials to Tencia would be as smooth as possible.  “The migration from Arrow Financials to Tencia was very smooth, explained Advanced Hair’s CFO.   “The process began on Friday evening and we were up and running on the new system by mid morning on Monday so we had very little down time.” He said.

Along with the significant time savings that have been experienced and the improved reporting that has been delivered, the transition to Tencia has been a positive change for the business.  “Before vital business data was harder to extract from our previous system, and Tencia has allowed us to leverage our database resources and access the information we need in real time.  The result is that we are better informed and this makes it easier to make management decisions and to respond to customer service calls with real time knowledge.  It’s easier to know the status of a job or an order.” said Advanced Hair CFO, Mr. Schotting,   “sometimes we would find ourselves battling with a query for up to 2 days, now with real time data and a much more flexible system we have reduced the time it takes from days to hours or less.”

Stock-takes have become simpler for Advanced Hair and the paper trail has been reduced as well.  This coupled with Tencia’s seamless integration with Microsoft Excel has also added value to the business. “We’ve found that it is much easier to export data into Excel for further manipulation using Tencia than it was in Arrow Financials. It’s also easier to drill down into the transaction level details to find what you are looking for,” Mr. Schotting explains.

Advanced Hair will continue to look for ways to further automate their business and improve their organizational performance in the future and are particularly eager to continue to streamline their management reporting using Tencia.

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