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AusRep benefit from enhanced functionality and reporting with Arrow Tencia Accounting Software

"With Tencia I can offer our business leaders much more valuable reporting and analysis... 

I am saving much more time with Tencia."

AusRep gains valuable insights and more visibility with Tencia


AusRep Pty Ltd is a leading Australian supplier that specialises in sales and merchandising services to the retail hardware industry. 

With a national team of over 100 staff, Ausrep provides businesses with sales and merchandising staff and associated services Australia wide. This gives businesses access to a specialised and qualified sales force, minus the headaches or costs involved with recruiting, training and supervising, sales staff. 

Ausrep, an Arrow Financials client for over 7 years, recently moved to Tencia. The move was a priority for the business which was seeking to improve its business management tools and was looking to obtain real time management reporting information.  "Now with Tencia, I  am going to be able to offer our business leaders much more valuable reporting and analysis." Said Ausrep's Financial Controller. 

The upgrade process was made less intimidating with the help of their Arrow Business Partner.  "It gave me peace of mind to know that someone was just a phone call away if I had any issues."  Explained Ausrep's Financial Controller. 

Prior to their decision to move, one of the overriding considerations that needed to be considered was the ability for Tencia to align with their overall business needs.  Ausrep have found new freedom with Tencia due to the improved functionality of the system.  "I am saving much more time with Tencia.  It is so good to move between modules quickly and easily.  Never again will I need to re-run a report, I can simply go to the report inbox, open the original report and reprint." Said Ausrep's Financial Controller.  Tencia's report inbox has promoted better knowledge sharing amongst key stakeholders within the business.

Armed with the tools to record more facets of any transaction and the ability to capture more detailed financial information, Ausrep is primed for dealing with the ever increasing competition faced by businesses today.  The visible benefits of Tencia, including real time data and the ease of access to information has brought renewed vigour to their financial reporting.

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