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Accounting Solutions for your Industry


Selecting and commissioning the right accounting software for your organization may be the most significant investment your business makes. Industry specific solutions will improve control over business processes, reduce costs, and increase sales. Logon Australia can explain the Tencia features available for your industry.













Tencia is highly customisable and scalable to deliver the solutions needed for different industries.


Tencia modules support advanced sales analysis, cashbook, debtors, creditors, sales orders, purchases orders, multi-stock locations, special pricing, multi-company, general ledger, serial batch tracking, and foreign currency.


Tencia also provides specialised modules for job costing, bill of materials, fixed assets, payroll, and integration with third-party systems (Tencia Connect).  


Logon Australia will evaluate how your business can realise the benefits that Tencia provides for your industry.


We can analyse your needs, help select the best solution for your business, and guide you successfully through the process of making the smart investment in accounting software that will help you grow your business.


Logon Australia has expertise in manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, import/export, logistics, healthcare, retail, sales and not for profit organizations.


Learn more about Logon Australia and contact us to start the conversation.                  Read more about Tencia's Modules

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