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The debtors feature allows you to keep track of important customer sales and credit information.

Tencia gives you the ability to quickly and easily monitor customer outstanding balances. The simple to use interface lets you perform detailed on screen inquiries providing you with up to date information to enable efficient customer follow up and collection of outstanding amounts.

What makes Tencia Debtors Different?


  • Debtors can be assigned to a group for automatic invoicing such as contract renewals or membership updates.
  • Customers can be aged as a combination of weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.
  • Debtors consolidation allows for an unlimited number of Parent Child combinations.
  • Customer inquiry screens allow for unlimited number of ways to view your data via Drag and Drop Fields, sorting and filtering.
  • Strong Credit control means never having to invoice goods to customers who have exceeded their terms. Able to over-ride to give good service.
  • Separate addresses for billing, statement and general communications.
  • Document prefix feature allows to assign a different invoice/statement layout based on an unlimited number of combinations.
  • User defined fields allows for advanced reporting or special functions on invoicing.
  • Can interface all relevant data to web based applications for customer account inquiries, purchase history, and payment gateway.


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