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Efficient cash management is fundamental in today's ever changing business environment. The cashbook module of the Arrow Tencia accounting software maintains an up to date running balance of your cash position so you are fully informed about your organisation's liquidity at any point in time and able to forecast future cash flow based on accurate data. Keeping you informed and in control.

What makes Tencia's Cashbook Different?


  • Multiple bank accounts which can be maintained in both local and foreign currencies.
  • Automatic gains and losses on foreign currency means no more excel or manual calculations.
  • Quick and simple bank reconciliation with minimum data entry - Be exact every time.
  • Every transaction from all modules are updated in real time allowing to up to the minute cash positions for better decision making.
  • Refunds to customers and from suppliers are straight forward allowing for contra's, and returns to be simple and efficient. Keeping your customers, suppliers and your staff happy.
  • Automatic service fees on credit cards allows your to keep your costs of credit to a minimum.


























Arrow and Tencia Accounting Software - Boundless Business


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