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​​Looking for a new Arrow or Tencia Software Partner?


Sometimes, it's just easier to get a new software partner than to get new software. 


Your business may already be using Tencia or Arrow Financials. It is possible you aren’t getting full use out of the software, and this can be for a variety of reasons:

• Your business has expanded or changed since you first bought the software
• Your staff never had comprehensive training
• The software is not customised properly to suit your business
• Your current provider is not offering sufficient or appropriate support

This is where Logon Australia can make the world of difference. Because we specialise in Tencia ERP and Arrow Financials AND we use these products in our own business, we know inside and out what it can do and where there may be limitations.


Our hourly fee starts at only $175/hr.


Wander around our web site. Visit the products pages above and then when you're ready to talk, call us.

Logon Australia, over 25 years history in the Accounting Software and the ERP Software market and the most awarded Arrow Tencia dealer for service - ever.





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