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The Logon Lowdown Issue #58

Welcome to issue 58.  A new year and a new masthead. I don't know where the time has gone. This is the beginning of my 21st year at the helm of Logon and when I stop to reflect how it all started and where it is today. Its a massive achievement, even if I can say so myself.

I have mixed feelings for this year. I'm not happy about the carbon tax, but I am happy the price has been announced. It's frustrating not to know the future and be able to deal with it. At least knowing the price of carbon we can now budget for it and steer our business through the waters. Its a simplistic view but we can discuss it deeper when we see each other.



1. Networking: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know
2. Tencia News
3. Tencia Tip of the Month
4. This months Tencia Specials

Networking: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know PUBLISHED | JULY 26, 2011

Success can be all about who you know, not what you know. And for politicians, businessmen and social butterflies, that can mean shaking a lot of hands and kissing a lot of cheeks. But networking for the sake of it doesn’t always lead to conversions, and according to Angus McCallister, COO at the Australian Institute of Management, that’s because businesses aren’t set up to invest in networking.

“If you’re networking activities are rarely bearing fruit, despite spending hours at events, meeting people, distributing cards and swapping numbers, it’s time to ask yourself why,” he said. Here are some do’s and don’ts from the pro-networker.

1) Don’t just pay lip service to networking
Encourage your staff to attend events, even when they fall into work hours or can’t be squeezed into a lunch break  If your business has the foresight to see that networking is a vital part of business development, it’s up to management to ensure your staff are given time to engage in this important activity, without them feeling the need to make excuses when they leave work to attend an event.

2) Don’t assume that networking is exclusive to the C-Suite
Your CEO or top sales person might not be the best representative for your company. A middle manager who is fanatical about golf will be a better networker at a corporate golf event than a CEO with a poor swing. Match people to events that suit their personalities, and your staff will make better connections.

3) Don’t forget networking requires skills…
… and therefore training. Train your staff on the principles of networking and business generation. It’s not just about trading cards and talking shop. You need to build genuine relationships. Make sure your ‘ambassadors’ are ready to do the job.

4) Do capture information
It might boil down to a well organised Rolodex  but make sure your staff are recording and remembering the contacts they meet. Make notes on the cards as you meet people—you will lose track of who is who at a big event. The resulting database has the potential to be one of your best networking investments.

5) Don’t just network in the down times
Networking should be a regular activity, of strategic significance all year round. Make it a priority and it will become an essential part of your business development.

Tencia News (Tencia is now at v2011.2.6.)

Cashbook Bank Statement Upload, how does it work?

A new feature has been added to Process Bank Statements that provides an option to upload bank statements against a prepared Tencia bank statement.

This upload feature can be used once the bank statement file has been downloaded from the clients banking software in the required format and the Tencia bank statement has been prepared and is in an editable stage in the Process Inbox.

Right clicking the process inbox entry will  display an Upload File option. Upon selection Tencia ERP will best match transactions, looking at reference numbers, date and values from the uploaded bank statement file.

The upload will trigger a report that details which transactions from the upload

were auto-matched, those transactions from the upload file where no match had been found and those transactions in the Tencia bank statement that remain un-presented. Manual transaction matching can then take place based upon information in the report.

Note: Some banks provide multiple QIF download file formats to treat 2, 4 and US formatted dates. The default Tencia upload format caters for two digit year dates. See the Tencia Administrators guide for details on how the Bank Statement Upload template can be changed to read 4 digit or US date formatted QIF files.

Tencia Tip of the Month

Right Clicking on a process can reveal so much.

Tencia users are aware that this package makes use of 'Processes'. Processes can best be described as a validation tool that allows you to review your work prior to committing it.

The best examples of processes are:
1. Cash Book Bank Reconcilliation
2. Crediors Automatic Payments
3. Stock Take Update.
4. Payroll Update.

When a process is created it is placed in the Process In Box. Double Clicking the process allows you to view the process, make changes and submit.

However...if you were to right click on the process and select Process Edit Report then process will print its result as report. This is a great way to double check your work before committing.

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