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​​Tencia ERP Accounting Software: What makes it so different?


  • Intuitive Screens. The first thing you will notice with Tencia is that the screen layout is uncluttered and so intuitive. This reduces keystroke  mistakes by as much 80%*. While other competitors have multiple screens with hidden attributes that only 'power users' can use, Tencia has the entire screen displayed along with automatic pop-ups so that all users can benefit from its flexibility.

  • The 'In-Box' Concept. Tencia is the first accounting software package in the world that uses an 'In Box' to store and retrieve any or all important reports that were printed in the last 12 months. 

  • Real time updates to EVERY module.  Every transaction, from every module updates every relevant field, report, enquiry screen and General Ledger in real time. This includes future transactions too.

  • Column Choosers. Tencia employs 'column choosers' to allow every user view their data in the way that they want to.

  • Robust security features. Featuring a layered security model that uses permissions and defaults to ensure sensitive information is protected.

  • Cloud Ready.  Works on the web, so you can access Tencia from all over the world.

  • Highly customisable. Advanced features that give you the flexibility to customise each users interface to align with their specific job role.

  • Scalable. Grows alongside your business.

Tencia ERP is the easiest accounting and business management software to deploy for medium sized enterprises. 
Learn about the Tencia product and modules for your enterprise. 
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