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General Ledger

The centre of your accounting system, General Ledger provides powerful divisional and departmental accounting functions across 5 user definable segments. 

What makes Tencia's ERP General Ledger Different?


Tencia's General Ledger is the core of the Tencia ranges of accounting software modules. It's different because of its flexibility such as being able to select real time, weekly or monthly creation of journals from the other modules.

Simple features such as:

  • Current, Past and Future date reporting means that you and or your board can have up to the minute results. 

  • Automatically generate accrual reversal journals in for any period.

  • Drill back to the original source of the entry for transaction history allows for exact reconciliation.

  • Enter unlimited amounts of narration ALONG WITH attaching scanned documents for later retrieval.

  • Flag accounts that should not be posted to but retain them in the system for historical and reporting purposes.

  • Seamless access to Microsoft Excel for amazing analysis.

  • Quantities can be included on Accounts and in financial reports.

  • Inter company journals

The transparency, control and seamless integration of Tencia's general ledger system means you gain access to your finances in a way you never had before. 


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