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​​Looking for a new accounting or ERP software system?

Outgrown MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero?



A good accounting software system or ERP software system should not cost you the earth.


With over 25 years of experience in the Accounting Software market there are compelling reasons why you would want to choose Logon and Tencia as your software partners.


  • Fit the software to meet your needs, not the other way around

  • Find exactly the information your're looking for - at a high level or as in depth as you'd like

  • Make smarter decisions more quickly

  • See in real time whats going on in the workplace

  • Identify where sales are headed

  • Predict trends and avoid pitfalls

  • Maintain accountability and compliace

  • Keep a close eye on critical activities

  • Make better business decisions


Arrow Tencia is a unique accounting package that goes beyond the norm. It also qualifies as an ERP system that allows growing companies to start with the basics and build up without having to invest further dollars to enable the ERP system components. 


It's all built in. It's all there. Accounting system, ERP system your choice, when you want it, how you want it.


The first license starts at $2,500 or $95/month.


Wander around our web site. Visit the products pages above and then when you're ready to talk, call us.

Logon Australia, over 25 years history in the Accounting Software and the ERP Software market and the most awarded Arrow Tencia dealer for service - ever.





Business Requirements - We have experience analysing and then mapping your business needs to functionality within the business accounting system.


Process Improvements - We analyse how things are done currently and recommend enhanced processes to save you time and improve accuracy and reporting.


Training - We are fully qualified for all forms of training in Arrow Financials and Tencia Accounting Software


Support - We are fully qualified for supporting  Arrow Financials and Arrow Tencia and are recognised as industry leaders in not only getting you back up and running but keeping you running 24/7.


Custom DevelopmentUsing Tencia’s Software Development Kit (SDK) you can have all your requirements programmed directly to match your exact needs.


Business Intelligence - ERP systems, Arrow Tencia


Report Writing - Arrow Tencia and Crystal Reports


Project Management - for accounting software


Data Integration - Arrow Tencia Accounting Sofware

Logon Australia is dedicated to providing you with accounting business software solutions that are not only beautiful to use but are of top quality. We supply from leading brands such as Arrow and Tencia business accounting software.

Whether you are an existing Arrow Tencia software customer or use another brand such as MYOB, Quick Books, Attaché etc.  we can transform your distress to contentment by implementing new systems, training your staff and streamlining processes giving you the confidence in the health of your business 24/7.

Call us now and talk to us. It’s our passion to help you and gain your trust. We want to see you satisfied. That’s our difference, backed up by over 22 years servicing Melbourne Australia and 5 ‘Outstanding Performance Awards’.

Business Accounting Software - Solutions and Results

Ways we can help you.

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