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The Logon Lowdown Issue #56


Welcome to my first newsletter in over a year. They said it was impossible to produce a newsletter each months and I think they (whoever "they" are) were correct. Until now. Last week I was shown how I can dictate 1000 words on any topic and have it in a word document back to me within 24hrs. The reason, technology. My dictation was emailed to Las Vegas, and for $10 it comes back. So to "they", having a monthly newsletter is now a reality.

1. Attitude of Gratitude
2. Tencia News
3. Tencia Tip of the Month
4. This months Tencia Specials

Attitude of Gratitude - Where is it?

One of the problems we face today is the attitude we take with us to work every day. Work is often seen as monotonous, a burden and a means to a pay check. We spend a large amount of our working life interacting with co-workers, suppliers and customers and it becomes very easy to take relationships for granted and to
forget these human interactions are fundamental to our business. It is the foundation on which people decide whether or not to do business with someone for the long term or not. How, then does one get the most out of a relationship and make the people we interact with feel valued. 

There’s a saying. If you want to be valued, value others more. The easiest, simplest way to show someone they are valued is to thank them.

Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not forget you. Appreciation will return to you many times.
~Steve Brunkhorst

It is most important to communicate how much one appreciates something someone does... Just say it even if it sounds awkward initially because:

Appreciation can make a day - even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. ~ Margaret Cousins

If you want to know why someone goes the extra mile.. try saying Thank You and notice the change. The chances are you will have just increased your emotional bank account with that person...

It seems to be much more common to criticise someone for doing something incorrectly.

The next time you are about to say something negative just remember:

A pat on the back is only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants, butis miles ahead in results. ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Tencia News

Tencia ERP is currently on version 2011.1.15 and is progressively improving each week as new enhancements are added. I particularly love the new column chooser for the entry screens allowing me to view the data across the page. I also love the column chooser in the inquiry screens allowing me to add fields to the
columns. I can trace any piece of data that I choose and place it where I want.

Serial Batch Tracking is here and many of you may have already had an opportunity to explore some of the new and eagerly anticipated features that are now on offer. Its an amazing offering considering that it used to be an additional purchase and now its part of the core system.

It is great to be a part of the buzz as we witness more and more sites moving across to Tencia.  It is also pleasing to report that further progress has been made regarding the development of the solution.

We are now currently developing Multi-Bin location, Bill of Materials and Front Counter with Job Costing and Fixed Assets the final two modules to complete the Tencia suite of features.

Tencia Tip of the Month

Setting Default Screens.

In a world that is forever moving faster, with seemingly less time to perform tasks, setting default screens in Tencia is a huge time save for users everywhere.

To set a default screen, simply go to the screen you wish to set and with each field you wish to bypass, right click on it.

You will be greeted with several choices, but the easies is to select bypass and save.

When finished, that screen will then only stop on the fields that are relevant to you.


This Months Logon Specials

Cost Effective K.P.I Management Reports

Upgrading to Tencia offers numerous business advantages and efficiencies..... Just one more of these is access to a wide variety of Key Performance Indicator (K.P.I) or Business Intelligence (B.I) Reports that enable you to easily analyse your business.

All reports have been developed by using the Tencia Report Designer, you do not have to purchase other “report design products”, and this saves you both time and money. No longer do you have to pay expensive development costs to get extensive summarized management reporting from your system....

We have provided a link to  where you can review more than 60 reports that give you a concise ,easy to analyse, summarised snapshots of how your business is performing. (Both Reports and Graphs are available). All reports are loaded directly onto the Tencia Menus, run from
within Tencia as a standard report, and allows you to apply your own security based on your existing policies.


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