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Considering a new Accounting or ERP system?

Mention the word ERP system and most companies break out in a sweat thinking about the cost.

Logon Australia is here to show you why it doesn't have to be that way using the most affordable cost effective ERP software available - Tencia.


Logon Australia is dedicated to providing you with accounting business software solutions that are not only beautiful to use but are of top quality. We supply from leading brands such as Arrow, Qlikview, Crystal Reports, Saleslogix just to name a few.

Need to evaluate a new Arrow or Tencia Software Partner? Look no Further

You're a user of Arrow Financials or Tencia Business Software and feel that you can do better.


Sometimes, it's just easier to get a new software partner than to get new software. 


It is possible you aren’t getting full use out of the software, and this can be for a variety of reasons:

• Your business has expanded or changed since you first bought the software
• Your staff never had comprehensive training
• The software is not customised properly to suit your business
• Your current provider is not offering sufficient or appropriate support

This is where Logon Australia can make the world of difference. Because we specialise in Tencia ERP and Arrow Financials AND because we use these products in our own business, we know it inside and out and what it can do and where there may be limitations.


Logon Australia, over 25 years history in the Accounting Software and the ERP Software market and the most awarded Arrow Tencia dealer for service - ever


                                                                                                     Read more about each module


Reasons why Logon Australia and Arrow Tencia are the perfect partners for your software solutions.

A good accounting software system or ERP software system should not cost you the earth.


With over 25 years of experience in the Accounting Software market there are compelling reasons why you would want to choose Logon and Tencia as your software partners.


  • Fit the software to meet your needs, not the other way around

  • Find exactly the information your're looking for - at a high level or as in depth as you'd like

  • Make smarter decisions more quickly

  • See in real time whats going on in the workplace

  • Identify where sales are headed

  • Predict trends and avoid pitfalls

  • Maintain accountability and compliace

  • Keep a close eye on critical activities

  • Make better business decisions


Arrow Tencia is a unique accounting package that goes beyond the norm. It also qualifies as an ERP system that allows growing companies to start with the basics and build up without having to invest further dollars to enable the ERP system components. 


It's all built in. It's all there. Accounting system, ERP system your choice, when you want it, how you want it.


Buy or Subscribe, On Earth or in the Cloud it your choice


                                                                                                    Read more about the Tencia Philosophy


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